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Whatever your age, it’s never too late to learn this Canadian past-time! Instructional skating programs are available for everyone – our five-tiered curriculum encourages learning at any level with a comfortable pace. Specific requirements and prerequisites for the instructional skating programs are described in the Curriculum & Prerequisites page. Visit our Equipment & Safety page for further details and what we recommend to wear.

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Canskate program

Canskate program is for all skater who are working on Canskate stage1 to stage4, there will be 10 sessions.

Starskate program

Starskate program is for skaters who are working on Stage 5 and Stage 6 advanced CanSkate and up to Star 10 levels. There will be 11, one hour sessions, including an off ice warm up class and Testing opportunity.

Group lesson will be offered for skaters working on CanSkate Stage 5 & 6 and Star 1 and Star 2 levels

Private Lessons are available and should be booked directly with the Professional coach. All certified coaches are welcome to teach at the school.

Hockey skills program

Hockey skills program1(May 8th to June 6th)

Hockey skills program2(July 24th to August 23rd)

Hockey skills program(Pre-tryout, from August 28rd to September 14th)